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Self-Destructing Messages App “Confide” Gets Windows And Mac Support

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Snapchat may have captured the market for self-destructing pictures and short stories but there still remained a vacancy for a genuinely good self-destructing messaging app and Confide may well be the best contender for it. This app promises self-destructing off-the-record messaging but was available only for iOS and Android until now. Now, the makers of this app have launched it for Windows and Macs as well.

It won’t be wrong to call Confide the Snapchat for Messages. It takes the same concept and transforms it over for messaging but it does have some rather innovative little tricks for itself. Basically, when you get a message, you can only read a few words at a given time and you can tap on words in the message to make them appear. The words quickly disappear again as you move on to rest of the message.

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After 18 months of being available for mobile devices, Confide is finally available for PC as well as Macs in the form of a native application. According to Jon Brod, the co-founder and President of Confide, they are trying to expand their app to desktop in order to get into the professional settings. It uses the same concept of the mobile app: You can see the text in the message as long as you hover your mouse over it, and then the message disappears forever.

Just like the mobile version, the desktop app also has screenshot-protection and end-to-end encryption. If you try to screenshot it using the traditional “Start+Print Screen” button in Windows, it will simply display a blank square in the place of the message.

The advent of screenshots have really introduced a new twist in the social media world. People communicate more on social media than in real-life, which means that there is always a record of whatever they said and this creates some extra complications. And herein, lies the reason for rise of apps with self-destructing and screenshot-protected features like Snapchat, and now Confide.

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