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Shingtech becomes the official distributor of ASUS notebooks in Pakistan

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Asus ROG

Shingtech has officially announced that it would be launching ASUS notebooks in Pakistan. Shing Technologies Inc. (often abbreviated as Shingtech) is one of the largest IT distributors in Pakistan. It is also a certified distributor of ASUS products in Pakistan. The distributor will not only be selling these ASUS notebooks but it will also provide after sales services as well.

The ASUS notebooks that are available at Shingtech include entry level notebooks as well as high-end notebooks such as the ultra-slim, ASUS Zenbook. According to the distributor, they will also be selling ASUS’ exclusive ROG gaming laptops.

ASUS laptops especially the ASUS ROG series is well known for its top-notch performance and premium build quality. The range of notebooks that the company has to offer is ideal for casual users as well as professional gamers.

This announcement by Shingtech means that these notebooks will now be available at affordable prices for the consumers. Moreover, the after sales services assure consumers that they can get their notebooks repaired in case of any malfunctions.

These ASUS notebooks will be available for sale at all ShingPoint, Shingtech authorized dealers, and online stores from Friday, 15th July.

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