Shophive Revamps to a Better and Optimized Web Design

By Nada Zain on
May 23, 2014
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Shophive is one of the leading gadget buying e-commerce website of the country. Shophive can be considered the pioneer of gadget e-commerce in Pakistan, it started back in 2006. The company has recently revamped its website and design.

The UX (user experience) is very essential part of customer acquisition and retention for all websites, and especially the e-shopping ones. Shophive has been proactive and wise enough to understand the fact and act upon it now. We like the overall new look and feel of it. The new site is optimized for tablets & mobile phones and its pages are much quicker to load. In comparison another gadget buying sites of Pakistan have been sticking to the same old design since a while now and some of them are also quite laggy and slow. Other Pakistani e-commerce websites should also follow Shophive’s example and try to make their UX better and memorable.

Other popular mobile phone, gadgets and laptop selling websites that are operational in Pakistan right now include;, and Here’s a ranking and traffic comparison of some of the top gadget selling websites of Pakistan, according to

shophive symbios homeshopping

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