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Snapchat has made the web version of Snap Map

Written by Talha Saqib ·  1 min read >

Recently, Snapchat faced quite a backlash over its new update, but this didn’t let the popular image messaging application hold back. As now, Snap Map – released last year that let users watch public snaps laid out on a map – is also available on the web.

Previously, Snap Map was only available to the Snapchat users as an in-app feature. But now, the messaging service has allowed its content to spread outside the mobile application and made the stories watchable to everyone whether they use Snapchat or not.

For this purpose, the location-based stories can now also be embedded into any website. There are three formats in which a user would be able to embed a Snap Map story; individual stories, stories in a specific geographic area, or a collection from a location or event. However, it must be noted that the embedded content from the Snap Map will disappear after a certain time period, unlike the embedded media from the other platforms that stay forever unless removed. The content will be accessible for 30 days but after that, it would no longer be available anywhere. Anyway, this is a way longer time period than 24 hours of a Snapchat story.


Furthermore, in case a user doesn’t want his stories to be viewable to the whole world, the stories will be publicly shared on the Snap Map only if that person would opt for it – otherwise not. For the anonymity, the usernames on the Map stories will be hidden as well.

An editorial team particularly curates “Our Stories”, denoted in purple font, but as reportedly, every public content on the Snap Map would go through the moderation process by the Snapchat team.

The web version is currently up and running. You can access it through and view publicly shared stories around the world.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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