Snapchat update lets you face swap with pictures from your camera roll

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Face swapping is in these days, thanks to Snapchat’s fancy in-app face recognition features and now the messaging service has just dispatched an update to make that face swap feature even better.

Fire up Snapchat, tap and hold on a face, swipe around to the “Face swapping” icon and Viola, you can laugh your head off staring at the hilarious(and creepy) results of a cool-looking live face swap. However, uptill now, you needed to have two faces right there infront of the camera(or something that looked like a face) to make the app switch faces. You could still use a complicated method of holding up a photo and tricking the app into face-swapping but that didn’t really work as well as one would want to.

Finally, Snapchat’s new update lets you face swap directly with pictures from your camera roll. Available for Android as well as iOS, you can now access the new feature by a few simple steps,

How-to Face Swap with pictures from camera roll

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap and hold on a face visible on the screen to make the app recognize it.
  3. A row of lens icons will pop-up, swipe to the right to find the regular face swapping lens.
  4. Besides it, you can find the new lens to face swap with pictures from your camera roll. Click on it!
  5. A row of images will appear, select any image to initiate the face swap.

Note: Snapchat will only display pictures in which it can recognize faces. This feature is also a little buggy, so expect a few crashes if you scroll too fast in the row of images.

Along with this, the app also introduced an option to allow users to replay all their messages for free- unlike before when users could only do it once(or buy three extra replays for $0.99).

The hip teen-favorite app has been flooding social networks with these face swapping results for quite some time now, some of which have also turned into a meme for being too weird. Some of Snapchat’s other popular lenses include a unicorn rainbow one which makes you look like a starry-eyed rainbow-vomiting goof and another which gives you dog ears and nose, making you look like licking the screen like one too.

Source- TheVerge

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