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Sony’s foldable smartphone may have a transparent mode

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Sony is working on its own foldable smartphones that may make their debut next year, according to the latest rumors. A recent patent details that the upcoming foldable smartphones by Sony will have 3 modes each for the front and back displays namely: transparent, semi-transparent and non-transparent.

Now to make a foldable smartphone is a big task. Making the foldable smartphone transparent is an even bigger task. So how will Sony achieve it? The display will have self-illuminating pixels arranged in a matrix setup with a light control element which will be responsible for the emission or variation of light through the display. Given below, you can see the different display modes:

What’s interesting is that the patents say that users will also be able to roll the phone as you can see them in the second batch of photos below:

If this concept is realized, Sony will become the first smartphone company to present the concept of a transparent foldable phone. The second triumph would be the ability to roll the phone of course. But for now, all the ideas are just in the form of patents with no working prototypes in sight.

What are your thoughts on foldable and transparent phone by Sony?

Source and Featured Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

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