Soon you will be able to send money form Google Assistant

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

Tech giant Google yesterday at its I/O event has announced many updates for its products, one of many is sending money through Google Assistant, users will soon be able to send and receive money using its Google Assistant.

The feature is not a new phenomenon, the same feature is available on Gmail. It will allow you to send money, both inside apps and on websites.

Google said in its blog post, “Yesterday, we announced the Google Payment API, which lets people pay in the app or online with any verified credit or debit card saved to their Google Account, via products like Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube”.

This step will allow Google to help its users to buy online things with ease as one can choose its mode of payment and preferred card, enter the code and then just simply check out.

Google in the same event announced that Gmail users with updated version would be able to use smart reply feature, that allows users to quickly reply in line with the contents of the e-mail. The ‘smart reply’ will be short and generic. The AI will detect incoming messages and produce three sample replies to the user.

The system analyzes and learns your writing behavior and generates smart responses accordingly. This feature will also run on company’s messaging app “Allo”.

The company said that the feature of sending money through Google Assistant is being tested and will be launched officially in few days.

In the blog post-Google further said, “In the upcoming months, we’ll also enable people in the U.S. to send or receive payments via the Google Assistant. On your Google Home or Android device, it’s as simple as saying “Ok Google, send $10 to Jane for pizza.” All you need is a debit card linked to your Google account”.

The story is developing, stay tuned for more updates.