Spread your ideas via OpenTED and reach a bigger audience

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 1 min read>

TED is a reputed platform where many distinguished, knowledgeable, or otherwise talented people take the stage in various parts of the world and talk to a large audience about their idea or theme that is worth sharing and can be categorized as “life-changing”. If you feel like you have the aptitude to be among the ranks of these change bringers but suffer stage fright or lack an audience, OpenTED is just what you need.

Currently, labeled as an open experiment by TED, the initiative aims to help bring more ideas to the surface from people all over the globe, bringing their ideas to the public on a platform that is unlike any other. While YouTube does the same, it takes a lot of time to sift through the good ideas from the ones that are just there for recreational or amusement purposes.

The parameters for submission help ensures that the quality stays true and pure to the mission of TED. If you have a great idea and can muster up the courage to speak it into a video for up to 6 minutes or less, then this is something you should consider. You never know what your submission can do, it might be able to help people in your country or maybe another part of the world.

If the video receives enough community votes, in the form of up/downvotes, that idea and potentially the speaker too, can have the opportunity to have their idea taken to a global level.

OpenTED will definitely help recognize the potential for talent in Pakistan in bringing ideas to the surface. So, if you are up for the challenge of putting your ideas and yourself on the idea board and be judged by peers, then submit a video and see how your luck fares!