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Starlink Announces New ‘Global’ Satellite Internet Package

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  49 sec read >
Starlink global
Priced at $200, the Starlink Global internet package will allow subscribers to use the starlink internet almost everywhere around the world

Starlink, which is one of the world’s most famed satellite internet companies, has finally announced the release of its global internet package, which will allow its subscribers to use the Starlink internet from any and everywhere in the world.

Up until now Starlink has offered the Starlink Roam service in a regional access mode, which only limits users to using their Starlink internet in one particular location, at a monthly subscription of $150.

However, starting now Starlink users in all its available countries, will be able to take up the Starlink global internet package at a monthly subscription price of $200.

What makes the Starlink global special is the fact that it can easily provide internet at places that normally do not have mobile services, let alone a proper internet connection. So yes, the Starlink global will now make it possible for you to enjoy vacations in a remote area, while also being connected to the internet.

Before officially launching Starlink Global, the company conducted various tests to check the internet’s functionality.

Inorder to get the starlink internet, users will have to pay up a standard $599 for their hardware fee, alongside their monthly payment for their respective internet plan.


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