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P@SHA commends the NeCC’s efforts for enabling Pakistani Sellers’ access to Amazon

The Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), in a press release issued on May 21, 2021, commended the efforts of...

May 21 ·>

Breaking: Pakistani sellers can now create Amazon accounts as Pakistan officially joins Amazon list

As of May 21, 2021, Pakistani sellers can now register with Amazon seller central and start selling as Pakistan...

May 21 ·>

Amazon’s Pakistani employees convinced the retail giant to allow Pakistani sellers, Badar Khushnood

“Overseas Pakistanis working at Amazon helped build the case within Amazon to allow Pakistani sellers to register on the...

May 8 ·>

Despite being banned by Amazon, Pakistanis are selling on the platform via “Jugaad” or “hacks”

Amazon maintains a sizeable presence in India, where it has created some 1 million jobs, according to its founder,...

Apr 25 ·>

Amazon just dethroned Google and Apple to have the most positive impact on society

A recent poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and Recode indicated that 20 percent of the participants believe that Amazon has...

Apr 24 ·>
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Is Amazon really coming to Pakistan?

The Seattle based online retail giant Amazon could soon be entering the Pakistani e-commerce market. They might gain an...

Apr 12 ·>