This open-source, low cost ventilator design from MIT could save thousand of lives

One of the most essential tools in the fight against the novel coronavirus is the ventilator, which helps people...

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Vivo to Stand Together with Pakistan During COVID-19 Outbreak

Vivo has announced to extend a helping hand to the government of Pakistan amid the novel COVID-19 pandemic. The...

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Mar 30 ·>

Tesla New York Gigafactory to reopen for ventilator production, says Elon Musk

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world, specifically the United States, by storm. The US is now the leading...

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Bank Alfalah Clears the Concerns over it’s Strategy for COVID-19

Bank Alfalah has taken to their social media accounts and responded to the numerous news bulletins mentioning the spread...

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Mar 26 ·>

Facebook experiencing record breaking usage due to Coronavirus outbreak

Since everyone has to stay home due to the COVID-19 virus on the loose, the only activity they have...

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Mar 25 ·>

Google rolls out free advanced Hangouts Meet for global users to help remote learning

Due to the spread of COVID-19 virus worldwide, many companies and educational institutions are moving their work, meetings, and...

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Mar 24 ·>
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Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation Donate Medical Supplies to 10 More Asian Nations

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation today announced plans to donate much-needed medical supplies to 10 more countries...

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Mar 21 ·>

YouTube launches a verified Coronavirus coverage hub

The COVID-19 global pandemic brought with it a huge change in everyone’s lives. People have had to work from...

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Mar 20 ·>

Here’s how you can use your gaming PC to beat the coronavirus from your home

Being quarantined during these times doesn’t have to mean being unproductive. Indeed, the very existence of online classes via...

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Mar 17 ·>

NUST researchers develop cheap coronavirus detection kits

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate throughout Pakistan, appropriate reactionary measures become imperative. Along...

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Mar 17 ·>

Airschool announces tools for experts to teach and make money online

A hybrid of Twitch and Masterclass, Airschool comes in very handy in the current situation when the world is...

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