The company known for its $16,000 smartphone raises $110M in ICOs

Have you ever heard of any smartphone that has a cost over $5,000? Brace yourself, here we have one...

Dec 15 ·>

Beware! Porn sites could be using your CPU’s power for crypto mining

With the surge in the price of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin which is trading above $16,000, an increase in crypto...

Dec 14 ·>

Blockchain platform Waves to unveil major new platform update

In the culmination of 18 months of development, Waves is set to release the most powerful and user-friendly blockchain...

Dec 14 ·>

Hackers stole over $60 million in users’ funds from crypto mining service Nicehash

The crypto mining service Nicehash has been hacked, with over $60 million in users funds stolen, as reported by...

Dec 7 ·>
Death of Bitcoin

Bank of America gets patent for exchange system of cryptocurrency

Recently, some of the biggest names in the business, from Goldman Sachs to Mastercard, have quietly patented some of...

Dec 7 ·>

“Bitcoin is un-Islamic”, says Turkey’s religious authority

Turkey’s highest religious authorities have declared that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not in accordance with Islam. Buying or selling...

Dec 6 ·>

Bitcoin crosses historical $12,000 mark

After seeing a record high of $10,000, just a week ago, Bitcoin has finally passed $12,000 mark and it...

Dec 6 ·>
Bitcoin Price

These 2 incidents can bring the value of Bitcoin back to 1000 dollars, expert

We have seen an unprecedented rise in the value of Bitcoin in the year 2017. With the increasing interest...

Dec 5 ·>
Death of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become the 6th largest currency in the world by circulation

The world’s most dominating cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is now also the sixth largest currency in the world in terms of...

Dec 4 ·>
Bitcoin Price

Sneaky websites are using your CPU for crypto mining even when you close the browser

With the recent surge in the pricing of Bitcoin, it is becoming difficult for a common man to afford...

Nov 30 ·>

Bitcoin’s price is on the verge of collapsing, 2 big exchanges crashed

On Wednesday, after seeing a record high of $11,000 a day earlier, Bitcoin’s price dropped back to $9,000. This...

Nov 30 ·>
Bitcoin crashing

The guy who lost 7,500 Bitcoins would have been worth over 80M dollars today

All thanks to the media hype and mainstream adoption and interest of people, Bitcoin price has crossed historical 10,000...

Nov 30 ·>

Bitcoin bangs with a new all-time high of $10,000

Bitcoin’s price is skyrocketing. A couple of days ago its price reached $9,600 mark and just today it hit...

Nov 29 ·>
Bitcoin Increase $6900