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8 Year Old Boy in Netherlands Orders AK-47 From Dark Web

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
8 Year Old Kids Buys Gun From Dark Web
Despite being so young, the boy has previously hacked a lot of websites and ordered other smaller items without payment

Kids love technology, it gives them those colorful interactive games, cartoons and what not, but it seems that not all of them are using technology for a similar purpose, some of them, who get introduced to the wrong side of the internet at a young age can get themselves and their parents into dangerous and unavoidable situations.

Something similar happened with Barbara Gemen, a woman from the Netherlands, whose 8 year old son secretly bought a number of questionable items including an AK-47 from the Dark Web without her knowledge.

Barbara, who works as a ‘human resources expert’ says that her son started spending a lot of his time on the internet from a very young age and learned hacking. Initially, the 8-year old was limited to smaller operations such as hacking websites and ordering small items without ever paying for them.

Over time the habits got worse and soon the 8 year old was reportedly communicating with bad actors through video games and was helping a lot of them with illegal money transactions.

According to Barbara, her son was using code phrases in order to avoid making his parents suspicious, saying sentences like “Pitt is coming to our place”, whenever she would enter the room.

It all got a little too much when the 8 year old ordered a literal AK-47 through the dark web, having it shipped through Poland to Bulgaria inorder to avoid detection. Receiving the illegal weapon on her doorsteps, Barbara soon called the police and handed over the weapon.

No legal action was taken about the matter, Barbara however, has now started learning about cybersecurity and is determined to protect her son from the dangers that technology can bring with itself.


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