Donald Trump

Searching the word idiot on Google shows you images of Trump

The entire internet has gone into a frenzy after noticing that you get shown images of Donald Trump when...

Jul 20 · >

Twitter went against its policy, didn’t delete anti-muslim tweets by Trump

Earlier this week, President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, retweeted a series of inflammatory anti-Muslims tweets...

Dec 2 · >

The Twitter contractor who suspended Trump’s account is revealed

The internet has finally revealed the rogue Twitter worker who had temporarily disabled the Donald Trump’s Twitter account earlier...

Dec 2 · >

Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump’s account on last day of work

Yes, you read it right. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account remained deactivated for more than 11 minutes and it...

Nov 3 · >

Mark Zuckerberg fires back at Donald Trump allegations

Mark is not having any of Trump’s allegations. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, has responded to Trump allegations that...

Sep 28 · >

Tech giants respond to Trump’s horrific decision to ban 800,000 American immigrants

The Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has resulted in an uproar on...

Sep 6 · >

US lifts the laptop ban for all flights from Middle East

The US has now completely lifted the ban it put on bringing laptops on the flights in US. The...

Jul 20 · >

Stephen Hawking: With over 250 degree temperature and Sulphuric Acid rains, Trump may turn Earth into Venus

The world famous physicist and scientist, Stephen Hawking, has said that the US President Donald Trump could tip world...

Jul 3 · >

Donald Trump tweets a wrong word, Merriam Webster responds with a full English lesson

The US President Donald J. Trump was schooled by Merriam Webster, for wrongly spelling a word on his tweet...

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May 9 · >

US President Donald Trump Wants Humans on Mars in Three Years

The ever-ambitious US president has stated that he wants humans on the Red Planet in three years which is...

May 2 · >

US bans laptops and tablets on flights from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many other Muslim countries

The US administration has banned passengers of many Muslim countries from carrying electronic devices on the flight. A UK-based...

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Mar 21 · >

Trump’s website allegedly defaced by Iraqi hacker

A secure web server of Donald Trump’s campaign website has been purportedly hijacked by a hacker from Iraq. Donald...

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Feb 20 · >

Donald Trump calls for boycotting Apple products; uses Twitter for iPhone

Donald Trump, business tycoon and the Republican presidential candidate for the United States, has called for a boycott of...

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Feb 21 · >