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Meta Limits Advertisers to Target Teens Based on Gender

Avatar Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Meta teenage targeted advertisements
This decision comes after Meta fights accusations about the harmful effects of its platform towards teenagers

Parent to Facebook and Instagram, Meta announced on Tuesday that it will stop allowing advertisers to target teenagers based on their gender. This decision came in between Meta’s struggle with massive court cases claiming that their platforms have negative effects on many teenage users.

This is not the first time Meta has made changes to teenage targeted advertising. Back in February 2022, Meta announced that advertisers will only be able to use age and location when targeting teenagers in their advertisements.

Another change was made in teenage targeted advertising, it was noted that a teen’s previous activity on any of Meta owned applications will not be used as data for running targeted advertisements.

“Teens aren’t necessarily as equipped as adults to make decisions about how their online data is used for advertising” said Meta while making the changes.

Meta also said that it will now comply with the new rules in many regions and will regulate the advertisements teenagers are seeing on its platform.

Advertisement is the primary revenue source for Meta, just in the third quarter of 2022, Meta earned around $27.2 billion from advertisers on its platforms. However, this revenue source constantly faces pressure from regulators and has to change its ways thus limiting Meta’s earning capabilities at a time where its share market value is facing tough times.

Just last week, Meta had to face a fine of over $413 million by the EU regulators. Adding to Meta’s troubles, EU regulators also rejected Meta’s legal bases of targeted advertising.


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