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Google Earth’s latest Timelapse feature shows the damning effects of climate change around 40 years

Google Earth users can now see the chilling effect of climate change over the past four decades. Google’s latest...

Apr 22 · >

Google is mapping out air pollution levels on Google Earth

Google, with its aim to provide non-profit services, has taken another initiative that aims to raise awareness of the...

Nov 7 · >

You will soon be able to post stories on Google Earth

Tech behemoth Google always releases unique updates and features for its users worldwide. This time also, the tech company...

Jul 13 · >

Google is Working on New Google Earth Experience

Half a year ago, Google brought virtual reality support to its Google Earth service starting with the HTC Vive...

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Apr 17 · >

Google Maps just got an update, the Earth hasn’t looked better!

Google Maps and Google Earth just got a makeover with super sharp imagery. The applications have been updated using...

Jun 28 · >