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Gmail Now Lets You Save Image Attachments To Google Photos

Google has recently added a new feature in Gmail that now allows you to save attachments directly to Google...

May 27 · >

Google Photos won’t be available for free anymore: Here is how you will be affected

Google Photos has brought a whole new dimension to treasuring cherished memories ever since it was first introduced in...

May 18 · >

Google Photos Now Lets You Add Images And Videos Even If You Are Offline

Google Photos is now getting some tweaks or rather ‘silent updates’ where it’s been determined that users can now...

Apr 21 · >

Google Photos Most Likely To Add Enhanced Image Search Filters

With Google improving the accessibility features of its respective digital products it is rumored that Google Photos will be...

Apr 16 · >

Google Photos Can Now Let You Copy Text From A Photo Into Your Web Browser

The Google Photos desktop version now has the ability to scan for text in an image and make the...

Apr 15 · >

Google photos is now integrated with Google lens to enable smarter access

Launched in 2017, Google Lens is an image recognition system used to recognize objects, scan text or a QR...

Mar 24 · >

Apple users can now transfer photos and videos to Google photos easily

This week, Apple has introduced a new service that makes it easier for iCloud users to transfer photos and...

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Mar 4 · >

Relive your memories in 3D using Google Photo’s new AI

Google has just unveiled a new feature that it will be launching on the Google Photos platform over the...

Dec 17 · >

Google Photos will stop offering free unlimited storage in June 2021

You might have to bid a teary-eyed farewell to the free-and-easy nature of Google Photos. After all, the service...

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Nov 12 · >

Google Photos will now use AI to help you make your special moments even better

AI-powered photo editing isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept, but the fact that Google Photos has now been blessed with...

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Oct 2 · >

Google Photos roll out “Favourite” feature to mark your best photos

Google Photos is introducing a new feature to mark your photos “Favourite” in your device gallery. Google Photos is...

May 22 · >

No, Google Pixel is not giving you unlimited Photos storage forever

Last year when Google released the Pixel phones, it announced that Pixel users will get unlimited Google Photos storage...

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Oct 5 · >