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Google Will Start Deleting all Inactive Accounts in December

Have a google account that’s not been active for years? This is your sign to save it from being...

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Aug 11 · >

Trending searches on Google Pakistan in 2020

Google today announced its annual Year in Search Pakistan, which looks back at 2020 through the collective eyes of...

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Dec 9 · >

US Govt files antitrust lawsuit against Google

The US Department of Justice along with 11 state Attorney Generals have filed a civil lawsuit against Google. The...

Oct 21 · >

Google Search is getting a whole lot smarter with a new AI-powered spell checker

Last week, Google announced a slew of AI-based improvements to its search engine on its blog. One of the...

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Oct 20 · >

AI-driven features coming to Google Maps and Search

Google just announced a surprise for its users by sending out invites for a mysterious “Search On” event that...

Oct 14 · >

This is how Pakistani net users’ search habits are evolving, according to Google

As part of its attempt to gain insight into consumer and marketing trends, Google’s Think with Google project has...

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Jun 13 · >

Why need a delivery app when you can order food directly from Google

Google has made ordering food online ease by adding a dedicated “Order Online” option in Google Search and Google...

May 24 · >

Google Search design changes on mobile

You might have noticed a change while searching for something on Google from your mobile. Well, Google has changed...

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Nov 4 · >

Google no longer allows you to change domains to different countries

Until now, you were able to change Google domains to different countries to see the search results for that...

Oct 30 · >

Maleeha Lodhi’s recent blunder at the UN proves how important it is to be a Google power user

While Pakistan is caught up in an internal battle of political parties, our external relations aren’t faring well either....

Sep 25 · >

Google has killed Instant Search

Google introduced Google Instant back in 2010, the feature which showed you the search results as you typed in...

Jul 27 · >

Google being accused of tampering search results to favor Hillary Clinton

Google is the source of most of our information. It is generally expected that search results from Google are...

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Jun 10 · >