iPhone 8 Plus

OnePlus 5T beats iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S8+ and Pixel 2 XL in charging test

As soon as the reviews of OnePlus 5T have ended, a new wave of comparisons with other smartphones has...

Nov 24 ·>

iPhone X sold out in 3 minutes in this country

iPhone X is one of the hottest phones right now and wherever it launched, it sold out in a...

Nov 18 ·>
iPhone X stolen UPS truck

Apple to launch 3 new iPhones in 2018 including an affordable iPhone X

Apple will reportedly launch 3 new iPhone devices in 2018. iPhone X has been a great success this year...

Nov 14 ·>

Apple sued over dual-camera tech of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus

The tech giant, Apple has been sued for a patent infringement of using dual-camera technology in iPhone 8 Plus...

Nov 8 ·>

A look at the iPhone X queues from around the world

iPhone X has been released and as expected, people are going crazy over it. When the iPhone 8 and...

Nov 4 ·>

Apple announces Q4 2017 revenue, expects to make $87 billion next quarter

Apple has announced the Q4 2017 earning report and results look promising. Apple made a total of $52.6 billion...

Nov 3 ·>
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Step aside iPhone 8 Plus & Note 8: Google Pixel 2 has the world’s best camera

Google Pixel 2 is now official and keeping the tradition alive it is performing extremely well in the camera...

Oct 5 ·>
Google Pixel 2

Shocking: The new iPhone 8 Plus cracked open while being charged

One of Apple’s three 2017 flagships is causing problems already. After being unveiled at the Apple Keynote event on...

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy X to put Apple’s iPhone X to shame

Samsung is upping its game and from all we know so far it could beat Apple at its own...

Sep 28 ·>

Everything that was launched at the Apple Keynote Event yesterday

For months now speculations had been running wild regarding the new iPhone flagships. What will they be named? How...

Sep 13 ·>
iphone x

Comparison of flagships: iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X vs. Galaxy S8 vs. Note 8

Apple has finally released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The iPhone X is the 10th-anniversary edition...

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iPhone X vs. S8

10th Anniversary Special: How the iPhone has evolved over the years

2007 was ten years ago. Let that sink in. It was the year when the last Harry Potter book...

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