OnePlus 5T beats iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S8+ and Pixel 2 XL in charging test

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As soon as the reviews of OnePlus 5T have ended, a new wave of comparisons with other smartphones has started. Most recent of which is a charging test comparison done by OnePlus officially. The result shows that the famed flagship killer is again cracking down on luxurious flagship devices of the three tech giants i.e Apple, Google, and Samsung.

OnePlus’s official Twitter account posted a video recently. The video which looks more like an ad features Samsung’s Galaxy S8+, Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel 2 XL and at last the action hero of the stunt OnePlus 5T. The comparison shows that although all phones support quick charging, yet they are unable to beat OnePlus’s Dash Charge. All the four phones in the video were charged for 30 minutes but none of them was able to beat the record 57% charging which OnePlus made in just 30 minutes.

The comparison looked a bit doubtful because other phone’s charging was unexpectedly too slow. Galaxy S8+ made it to 17%, iPhone 8 Plus hits 16% while Pixel 2 XL was quite low 11% to be exact with an equal time span of 30 minutes for all.

The authenticity of the video can’t be confirmed because the actual chargers through which the phones are charged are not shown properly, except for the OnePlus whose red wire is a clear sign. Since the comparison video is 55 secs only, a lot of important footage has been cut off thereby making it impossible to confirm that yes the competitive flagships did really perform substandard in the test.

Let’s for a second assume that OnePlus 5 has been brutally honest and everything showed in the ad is accurate. This makes one question what the hell is Samsung’s Adaptive Fast charging which Samsung claims to be quite efficient.

OnePlus 5T will soon be available for sale in Pakistan, while the price of the older version OnePlus 5 in Pakistan is around 56,500 PKR.

Image Source: Cnet

Written by Sajeel Syed
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