Iran Ranks In top Ten Future Science, Technology Superpower

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) reports, the Islamic Republic of Iran stands among the top ten...

Apr 26 · >

Elon Musk Claims That Around 100 Starlinks are Now Active in Iran

This news comes just 3 months after Elon Musk announced that SpaceX will activate Starlink satellite internet service amid...

Dec 27 · >

Crypto Trading & Investing now Illegal in Iran

It is now officially illegal in Iran to acquire or trade cryptocurrencies, as the country’s monetary authorities recently reminded...

Aug 16 · >

Israel & Iran squaring off once again after Israel’s cyberattack disrupts Iran’s nuclear facility

Months after the dramatic assassination of Iran’s chief nuclear scientist who was identified via artificial intelligence while travelling and...

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Apr 13 · >

Twitter removes hundreds of accounts linked to Iran, Russia over “policy violations”

Twitter has removed hundreds of accounts in Iran, Russia, and Armenia, despite widespread criticism of the platform’s suppression of...

Feb 24 · >

The Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad railway to resume operations in 2021

The Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad (ITI) train is expected to resume operations, following a joint meetup in Istanbul. During the meeting, Turkey’s...

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Dec 17 · >

US cyberattacks on Iran bore no fruit, says Iranian IT Minister

The United States on the direct orders from President Donald Trump launched cyber attacks on Iran, as a response for...

Jun 24 · >

Iran’s central bank bans cryptocurrency trading

Iran’s central bank has banned the country’s banks from dealing in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, over money-laundering concerns, the state...

Apr 23 · >

Pakistan, Iran agree to share academic and scientific resources

As part of an agreement on cooperation in Sciences and Technology, Pakistan and Iran have agreed to share their...

Aug 8 · >

Iran has banned Pokemon Go

Iran appears not to be a huge fan of Pokemon Go as they went all the way to ban...

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Aug 8 · >