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Iraq Blocks Telegram Over National Security Threats

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  49 sec read >
Used by millions of users in Iraq, Telegram is a primary source and tool for news and sharing content

The Iraqi government has suspended popular messaging application Telegram across the country, citing reasons related to ‘national security’, drawing criticism from pro-Iran factions.

Implemented on Sunday, this made it impossible for all users in Baghdad to be able to access their Telegram account, forcing people to move towards using a VPN for accessing the messaging application.

As per statements from Iraq’s ministry of communications, the decision to ban Telegram came after “directives from higher authorities related to national security”, adding that it was done to “protect the personal data of citizens, which is violated by the application”.

The Iraqi government claims that it sent out multiple requests to Telegram, urging it to address the issue of “data leakage from state institutions and individuals, which poses a threat to national security and social peace”, all of which were unresponded.

Telegram is actively used by a large number of armed factions and pro-Iran political parties, which were obviously angry with the ban, even going on to claim that the suspension of Telegram is “gagging” them.

Having over 330,000 subscribers, the pro-Iran channel criticized the Iraqi government, saying that it is “confiscating freedoms”.


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