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Iran Ranks In top Ten Future Science, Technology Superpower

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) reports, the Islamic Republic of Iran stands among the top ten science and technology superpowers, ranking higher than Japan.

Iran is listed as one of the top five nations in six forty-four technologies tracked by ASPI’s new Critical Technology Tracker. The country stands ninth in forecasting the top ten future world powers.

Moreover, the country ranked fourth, behind China and the United States, outperformed Japan, Italy and the UK. When the publications and citations, including the Hirsch Index, were examined in advance aircraft engines, including hypersonics.


According to ASPI news, Iran is also among the top four countries in intelligent materials and bio-fuel science and technology that are coming to the market, which will the massive change in science and technology.

In addition, Iran is ranked eighth in the world for synthetic biology publications, accounting for 2% of all publications worldwide.

Iran’s strong performance in artificial intelligence technologies has become immediately noticeable in addition to the usual competition between China and the US. Iran surprises everyone by becoming a leader in hardware accelerator research.

For many years, Iran has long been considered among the leading countries in generating new products and technologies worldwide.

On the other hand, the Critical Technology Tracker has gone beyond basic research and concentrated on the critical performance measures of scientific and technological capability among the countries with a competitive advantage in this measure across the 44 technologies.

ASPI is now covering a range of crucial technology fields spanning defence, space, robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and critical quantum technology areas.

ASPI states, “The race to be the next most important technological powerhouse is close between the UK and India, both of which claim a place in the top five countries in 29 of the 44 technologies”.

“South Korea and Germany are closely behind, appearing in the top 5 countries in 20 and 17 technologies respectively”.

In addition, according to the ASPI report, “Australia is in the top five for nine technologies, followed closely by Italy, Japan, Iran and Canada”.

“Several other countries, including Turkey and Spain, regularly make the top ten but aren’t in the top five”.
Iran is constantly working hard to improve its technological advancements and sectors. The government is investing a high amount in producing technological advancements products.

The country is also working hard in its artificial intelligence sector to improve the performance and ranking of its technology department.

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