PayPal to Fire Over 2000 Employees for Cutting Costs

Amounting to 7% of PayPal’s total workforce, these employees were fired as a plan to counter the “challenging macroeconomic...

Feb 1 · >

An Engineer Laid Off After 16 Years At Google Says:’Faceless’ Tech Giants See Staff As 100% ‘Disposable’

Justin Moore said on LinkedIn that he was laid off through an automatic account deactivation Moore was also affected...

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Jan 25 · >

Spotify Cuts Around 6% of its Staff in the Latest Round of Tech Layoffs

Quoting a need of improve efficiency, the Swedish music-streaming giant said that it would lay off around 600 employees...

Jan 24 · >

Netflix lays off over 300 employees after subscriber decline

Netflix announced on Thursday that it laid off more than 300 employees, or roughly 4% of its workforce, in...

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Jun 24 · >