Mastercard to offer support for some cryptocurrencies on its network

With cryptocurrency rapidly and surely establishing itself as a form of payment for business all around the world (most...

Feb 12 ·>

SadaPay introduces the first ever numberless debit card in the Middle East & Africa region

SadaPay, a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, introduced a numberless card in collaboration with...

Feb 10 ·>

Mastercard signs agreement with Askari Bank to expand Credit Card issuance and bring innovative payment solutions to Pakistan

Mastercard has signed an agreement with Askari Bank Pakistan for a multifaceted partnership to enhance customer experience and launch...

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Apr 14 ·>

Apple launches a credit card that will be accepted all over the world

Apple has launched its all new credit card, called Apple card to improve credit card experience with simpler applications...

Mar 26 ·>

Mastercard’s trial protection only applies to physical goods

Mastercard has issued a clarification over its misleading announcement yesterday that it will only be protecting users from trials of...

Jan 18 ·>

Visa and MasterCard make it harder to buy Bitcoin and altcoins

Trading cryptos using these services will cost you 10% more than before. Bitcoin and almost every other cryptocurrency crashed...

Feb 6 ·>

Mastercard filed a patent for instant blockchain payments solution

The trend of developing own blockchain system penetrated in bitcoin companies back in 2014. Now the credit card giant,...

Nov 15 ·>

MoneyGram and MasterCard Unveil Financial Services for Facebook Messenger

This week, Facebook held a developers’ conference in which it launched various services to boost the functionality of its...

Apr 21 ·>

Mastercard comes to Pakistan, sets up an Office

In a move aimed at further strengthening its footprint across the wider Middle East and Africa region, Mastercard, a...

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Nov 9 ·>