Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp face global outage

Recently, popular social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp were facing issues hence impacting users across the...

Mar 19 ·>

Facebook fixes bug that enabled others to snoop on your Messenger calls

Facebook has recently patched a bug on their Instant Messaging application; a bug that would have allowed anyone to...

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Nov 20 ·>

Facebook Messenger’s Dark mode rolls out globally for everyone

Messenger is getting dark and full of surprises. Facebook Messenger’s most hyped dark mode feature is now available for...

Apr 16 ·>

Facebook is testing built-in Messenger chat feature within the main app

Facebook is apparently planning to become the good-old unified messaging platform it once used to be. A recent discovery...

Apr 15 ·>
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Facebook adds quoted replies in Messenger to better organize group chats

Facebook is finally adding a much-needed chat feature of WhatsApp to the Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger’s new update will...

Mar 21 ·>
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Facebook has started to roll out the new UI for Messenger

Facebook, earlier in May announced a redesign of their uber-popular messenger app. For those who use the Facebook messenger...

Oct 3 ·>
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Facebook now syncs Instagram contacts to its Messenger app

Facebook has launched its latest feature for Messenger that pulls Instagram contacts of users who opt to connect their...

Jul 19 ·>
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Facebook Messenger to have auto-play video ads

Facebook is the biggest social media platform of the world, with over 1 billion users. Despite this, there have...

Jun 20 ·>
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Facebook is killing this Messenger feature

Facebook is ditchings its annoying “You’ve now connected on Messenger” notifications for good. When you make a friend on...

Jun 8 ·>
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This is how you can report harassment on Facebook messenger

Facebook announced an app update for Messenger that brings the reporting tools to iOS and Android on Monday, May...

May 16 ·>

Facebook is adding ‘Unsend’ feature in Messenger after Zuckerberg’s messages controversy

Facebook is having a lot of trouble since the last few weeks as the company has been in many...

Apr 7 ·>
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Messenger Lite now supports video calling feature

Facebook has always been providing convenient new features on all its platforms and always tries to give what users...

Mar 8 ·>