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Facebook Messenger’s Dark mode rolls out globally for everyone

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed ·  44 sec read >

Messenger is getting dark and full of surprises.

Facebook Messenger’s most hyped dark mode feature is now available for all users globally. The social media giant in a blog post on its official Facebook Messenger site today, announced that the Dark mode feature can be accessed globally by everyone, from Messenger’s settings on all Android and iOS devices.

By tapping on your profile picture on Facebook Messenger, you will now get a dark mode enable-disable option through which you can easily access this amazing feature. Previously, to enable this feature, users had to send a crescent-shaped moon emoji to any of there friends and then had to tap on that emoji to access dark mode feature. Facebook has now made it easy with a dedicated option in the settings.

Dark mode provides lower brightness in low-light situations and at the same time maintaining contrast and vibrancy. It cuts down the glare from your smartphone for use in low light situations.

Facebook is making continuous updates in its platform to enhance user experience. The social media giant has added several new features in its platform in the past few months including quoted replies in Messenger, built-in Messenger chat feature and a new dedicated gaming section in its app.