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Top Apps as Whatsapp Alternatives in 2022

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WhatsApp’s global popularity may be attributed to its multi-platform compatibility, strong encryption, and extensive communication options. However, the app isn’t for everyone, and you may be seeking a WhatsApp replacement that matches many of the app’s greatest features. Here are seven of the greatest WhatsApp alternatives.



Telegram is a popular messaging programme that provides phone, video, and text chat as well as a variety of security features. For example, voice conversations are automatically encrypted end-to-end, and the app has a secret chat mode in which your messages are similarly encrypted end-to-end and have a self-destruct timer. Routine texts, on the other hand, are not as secure. It’s also one of the few applications that allow you to lock the programme itself, so even if someone has physical access to your phone, they won’t be able to read your Telegram chats. It is available for free on the iPhone, Android, and even on a browser.



Signal is definitely what you need if you want the most security in a WhatsApp alternative. When you connect with other Signal users, the software focuses heavily on privacy, with complete end-to-end encryption for audio, video, and text communications. And the firm behind Signal is a non-profit corporation located in the United States with no financial motive to sell your data. Messages can also be configured to self-destruct. On the other side, the app lacks the sense of fun you might be looking for; for example, there are no stickers or built-in GIFs. It is free for both the iPhone and Android.



Threema, unlike other texting applications, is not free; it costs $5 on both iPhone and Android (and you can use it in a web browser as well). In exchange, you will receive complete end-to-end encryption for audio, video, and text messages, as well as file transfers. It’s also one of the few applications that don’t need you to sign up or authenticate your account using your phone number, keeping it completely anonymous. You might also like the other features, such as the ability to make polls and surveys and search for photographs using natural language.

Messenger on Facebook


Because of its relationship to Facebook, Facebook Messenger is an extremely popular chat programme that is free for both iPhone and Android users (plus you can use it in a browser). It features all of the essentials, such as voice, video, and text chatting, as well as stickers and GIFs if that’s your thing. If you’re concerned about privacy and security, it’s worth remembering that, while Facebook is steadily bringing out end-to-end encryption to Messenger, it may not be entirely accessible until 2023.



If you’re searching for more than just a means to remain in touch with friends and family, Kik is more than just a messaging software; it includes a social component that makes it easier to find new people to speak with. You may join live broadcasts and watch and talk with a big number of other users, similar to TikTok. When it comes to bringing friends and family online, you may have them scan a QR code found on your profile to quickly enter a chat. It’s free for iPhone and Android, but there is a lot of advertising to deal with. However, if you value your privacy, you may join up with an email address rather than your phone number.



Skype, which is part of Microsoft’s office productivity package, has traditionally had a corporate focus, so it may not come to mind for casual users. It is, however, a full-featured communication tool that can be used for both business and play. As you’d think, it supports phone, video, and text conversations, as well as file sharing. You can record video and voice calls when using Skype on the desktop, thanks to a number of plug-ins, however, it’s also accessible for iPhone and Android. However, maybe the biggest reason to use Skype is for its more complex capabilities, such as the ability to obtain real-time language translation and the ability to make calls to landline phones (with low international rates).



Viber might not have the same brand awareness as many other communication applications, but it is a decent alternative if you want an app that can make calls to mobile phones and landlines as well as communicate with other app users. It is free for iPhone and Android and includes phone, video, and text chat functions, as well as end-to-end encryption for safe communication.


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