NASA utilizes the power of Cloud Computing to keep its Perseverance Mars rover on track

Throughout NASA’s mission to explore Mars, the space administration agency confirmed that the Perseverance Mars rover has been utilizing...

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NASA’s 7-minutes of terror on Mars

The NASA Mars rover is known as ‘Perseverance,’ is all set to enter the final phase of its seven-month...

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The Russians got the first woman into space but the Americans are racing to get the first woman to the moon

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is constantly dissing SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, especially over the...

Dec 7 · >

Conspiracy theory – NASA’s data suggest Mars may have had an ancient megaflood

Data from NASA’s Curiosity Rover was analyzed by their scientists in a study revealing that there have been megafloods...

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Nov 23 · >

Here’s why 97.8% of scientists have been wrong about the moon all this time

The moon has always been our favorite extraterrestrial hotspot, with all kinds of manned and unmanned missions having made...

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Oct 27 · >

NASA nominates Nokia to build the first ever cellular network on the moon

Mobile networks are going to go lunar! In an awe-inspiring move, NASA and Nokia are joining hands to build...

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Oct 20 · >

SpaceX and NASA’s manned mission postponed due to bad weather

SpaceX aimed to launch its spacecraft along with two astronauts yesterday. Dragon Capsule was the spacecraft intended to be...

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May 28 · >

NASA confirms upcoming Tom Cruise movie to be shot on the International Space Station

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has confirmed the space agency is working with Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise to film...

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May 9 · >

USGS releases ‘most comprehensive geologic map of the moon ever’

NASA has been talking about its expeditions back to the moon pretty much since that successful Apollo 11 mission,...

Apr 25 · >

SpaceX wins contract to fly cargo to NASA’s planned Gateway space station

NASA has chosen SpaceX as the company that will fly cargo, research gear and other supplies to the Gateway...

Apr 2 · >

NASA estimates the cost of the next moon landing to be a staggering $35 Billion

Back on the 19th of May 2019, NASA announced their Project Artemis; mankind’s journey back to the moon. They...

Feb 12 · >

NASA selects startup Axiom Space to build first commercial habitat modules for ISS

NASA has chosen Axiom Space, a Houston-based space startup established in 2016, to build the first “private habitat” module...

Jan 28 · >

NASA all geared up to launch Boeing’s Starliner to revive long closed Space Shuttle Program

NASA is all geared up to launch its new passenger spacecraft. Since the space shuttle program ended, it is...

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