Samsung posts record profit as chip business grows in the first-quarter report of 2018

Samsung has just posted its operating profit earning for the first quarter of 2018. Samsung’s memory chip business showed...

Apr 26 ·>

Samsung beats Intel to become the world’s largest chipmaker by revenue

Intel’s 25-year dominance as the world’s largest chipset seller has ended. Intel, the largest chipmaking company based in America...

Jan 31 ·>

Samsung announces three new CEOs and posts record-breaking profits

Samsung CEO resigned a couple of weeks ago but that did not stop Samsung from making huge profits. Today,...

Oct 31 ·>
Advertising For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Displayed At Concorde In Paris

Nintendo aims to beat Microsoft and Sony with net profit of $1.1 billion

The famous Japanese video games console maker Nintendo Co Ltd. is expecting its highest earnings in seven years. Nintendo...

Oct 30 ·>
Nintendo Super Mario

Samsung predicts record-breaking profit of $12.8 billion

Yes, we all heard it, Samsung’s CEO is resigning but that’s not a big deal because Samsung is seeing...

Oct 13 ·>
Samsung recorded net profit of $12.8 billion (14.5 trillion won) from the sales of $54.7 billion (62 trillion won) in the third quarter of this year.