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10 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps That Protect Your Privacy

Avatar Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

All smartphone users are familiar with WhatsApp and it ha become an essential part for smartphone users to connect to anyone within seconds. The Facebook owned messaging service has provided a secured platform to chat. The application was released in January 2009, and since then it has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

WhatsApp constantly works to provide best features to provide a better experience to its users. People around the world are using WhatsApp very frequently to communicate to anyone.

However, users around the world are unhappy with the most recent update revealed by the app. In accordance with the app’s privacy statement, data from the device will be collected. So here we are bringing 10 nest alternative apps that you can use to connect to your contacts.

Here we will discuss the features, and privacy policy that are more or less similar to WhatsApp.


Discord is an innovative messaging app that allows you to interact with people all around the world. Direct messages option is to send messages,emojis and other information. It also has an option to make a voice or a video call. Moreover, your account can be connected to Facebook, YouTube and other social media. You can easily create group chats with up to 10 people. If you need to connect more people you can make a server. It’s available free on the Android, web,iOS and Window and MacOS.


Snapchat is a famous WhatsApp Alternative app. It offers many admirable features which you would love. The self destructive message enables to notify you when someone takes a screenshot. It also allows variety of filters to allow you to take photos and videos of your friends and your own self. Moreover, you can also make video calls and group calls. Snapchat is totally free for Android users and iOS.

Telegram Messenger

This app is considered as the competitor of WhatsApp as it has almost similar features like WhatsApp. The app has around 200 million users and use similar features including double tick to receive a message. It is a user friendly app and highly recommended as it offers cloud-based storage. In order to prevent any storage, end-to- end encryption of messages within the app must be turned off manually.

Signal Private Messenger

The app allows end-to-end encryption technology for Facebook and WhatsApp. It offers many security benefits including screen security. It prevents anyone from taking screenshots. It is free for Android and iOS and is one of the safest alternative to WhatsApp.


Kik is the best app of you really don’t want to disclose your number. Simply you need to register yourself by entering your email ID. Once you sign in you will get an ID that you can share with people. A new feature Bots allow you to play games and receive the latest news.


Skype is a video and voice chat app powered by Microsoft. Moreover, the app is extensively in use by organizations to make international calls. Skype allows you to have group video calls without limits.


Threema allows you to keep your privacy private. Once you send the message to the people, you can delete once it delivers. You can use Threema ID to connect instead of your phone number. Moreover, you can also use QR code for connecting with people.


It provides end to end encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. The app doesn’t allow to take a screenshot of chat conversations. Hence, if anyone is looking for privacy, it is an ideal app. Keybase is free and available for Windows, iOS and Android.


It is one of the top competitor of WhatsApp. It’s an offline messaging app that allows you to communicate even if you don’t have an internet access. You can use it through Bluetooth. The app is ideal for situations such as music festivals or natural disasters.


It also offers end to end encryption for messages, calls and shared media. It allows you to make international calls and video calls to other viber users. Whereas, all data backup stores in Google drive so you can access the data whenever you want. Many of its features re similar to WhatsApp.

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