SWVL Partners with Naya Jeevan to provide comprehensive health coverage for Captains and their Families

Naya Jeevan and SWVL announced a strategic alliance offering comprehensive health & life insurance coverage (including COVID-19 coverage) to...

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Apr 15 ·>

Swvl’s Fair Fares: Everything you need to know

Swvl is a technology enabled transportation company that operates via a marketplace model, bringing together transport service providers and...

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Feb 1 ·>

SWVL vs Careem: Two ride hailing giants picking up a social media frenzy over TVC controversy

Careem a car riding company is known majorly for its creative advertisements that lure and attract users all over...

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Dec 19 ·>

Swvl to join hands with the Sindh Govt

The massively popular public transportation service Swvl has been an integral part of what experts refer to as the...

Nov 12 ·>

Swvl plans to invest $25 million in Pakistan

Swvl, an app-based bus-hailing pioneer, has announced that it will be investing $25 million in Pakistan. The news comes...

Nov 2 ·>

Swvl expands its app-based bus hailing service to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Swvl, the Dubai-headquartered bus-hailing pioneer, is expanding its service to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This news has come just weeks...

Sep 13 ·>

Pakistani smart bus service Airlift is serving tens of thousands of weekly rides, CEO Usman Gul

On his vacation to Lahore, Usman Gul scheduled a business conversation with a woman. She arrived half an hour...

Aug 5 ·>

Egypt’s Swvl launches its app-based bus hailing service in Lahore

The Cairo-headquartered app-based bus hailing startup, Swvl has announced on its Facebook page that the company is expanding its...

Jul 23 ·>