Pakistan’s Gaming Genius Arsalan Ash Celebrates 26th Birthday with an International King of Fighters & Tekken7 Victory

Talking about the e-sports gaming scene in Pakistan, you will surely hear the name ‘Arsalan Ash’, the Tekken player,...

Aug 24 · >

Arslan Ash beats fellow Pakistani & 120 international players, wins World UFL Tournament

On Monday, Pakistan emerged as the global Tekken champion after Arsalan Ash defeated 120 players to win the World...

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Apr 12 · >

Pakistani gamer Awais Honey wins his first international Tekken tournament

We have witnessed a series of earth-shattering triumphs secured by avid Pakistani gamers on the international stage, including teenager...

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Aug 27 · >

90’s classic Tekken debuts on smartphone

It turns out that Bandai Namco, a Japan-based game maker and publisher, has decided to launch 90s classic, still...

Aug 21 · >