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Atif Butt beats Arslan Ash and Wins the Takedown 2023 Tekken championship

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Tekken Atif Butt
Belonging to Gunjranwala, Atif Butt bagged the leading national Tekken competition after beating Arsalan Ash, who is the winner of the EVO JAPAN 2019 & 2023

The Takedown 2023 Champion title held in Islamabad was just won by Atif Butt. Belonging to Gunjranwala and a prominent name in the Tekken world, Atif Butt managed to succeed in the finals with his opponent being the EVO Japan 2019 and 2023 winner ‘Arsalan Ash’.

A prominent name amongst the world’s best Tekken players, Arslan is a feared opponent for almost any pro Tekken player, however Atif was able to successfully vanquish his opponent showing some serious high level skills.

The grand final round held between Arsalan Ash and Atif Butt was a clean sweep with Atif winning the match by 3-0.

During the final round Atif decided to play with Akuma, while Arsalan Ash went on to choose Kunimitsu.

During the final set both players were given two rounds on each other, Atif was not in a good game statement, until he attacked Ash with a Clutch EX Tatsumaki into Raging Demon.

After being awarded as the winner, Atif Butt was rewarded with a prize money of Rs.1 million, whereas Arsalan Ash, who was the runner up of the tournament got a prize of Rs.0.4 million.

Various other players, who made it to the later parts of the tournament, also got their prize money. Heera, who belongs to Ashes gaming also came into top 3 and got an amount of Rs.200,000.

Apart from this victory against Ash, Atif has some other great titles to his name as well. He has also been Champion last year and got a title of “King of the Iron Fist.” He defeated a South Korean player in the finals of the Tekken World Tour 2022 video game tournament held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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