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Twitter Goes into Meme Mode as Babar Azam, Virat Kohli, Cristiano Ronaldo Lose Blue Ticks

As Twitter turns into a subscription based service many major celebrities and sportsmen lose their legacy blue tick for...

Apr 21 · >

Twitter Blue Subscribers to Get 50% Less Advertisements

After the blue tick verification, the 50% advertisement feature is another one of Elon Musk-run Twitter’s attempt at convincing...

Apr 9 · >

Twitter to Remove the Legacy Blue Tick From April 1st

As the legacy blue tick ends, the social media application is now pushing users to take up its Twitter...

Mar 24 · >

Twitter Makes its First Interest Payment for Musk Buyout Debt

During his Twitter buyout in October, Elon Musk used about $12.5 billion of debt apart from his personal funds...

Jan 31 · >

Twitter Users Will Soon be Able to Side Swipe Through Tweets, Trends, Topics and More

“New Twitter navigation coming in Jan that allows swiping to side to switch between recommended & followed tweets, trends,...

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Jan 2 · >

Twitter’s iOS App Now Has A $3 ‘Twitter Blue’ Subscription, Includes Users To Undo Tweets And More

A new in-app subscription method worth $2.99 per month has come about called ‘Twitter Blue’. Though it isn’t fully...

Jun 1 · >