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Twitter to Remove the Legacy Blue Tick From April 1st

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Twitter blue subscription
As the legacy blue tick ends, the social media application is now pushing users to take up its Twitter Blue subscription for getting the verified blue tick

If you are someone that has been enjoying Twitter’s legacy blue tick, you will probably not have that privilege for long. The microblogging social media platform has just announced that starting April 1st it will be removing the blue tick for all legacy verified accounts on Twitter.

This means that users who were enjoying the legacy verification blue tick, will now have to pay up for a Twitter blue subscription, to keep their blue tick intact. Both celebrities and organizations will be affected by this decision, however they can retain their legacy blue tick by signing up for a Twitter flagship program, which will probably check their authenticity.

This move by Twitter is being termed as another one of the platform’s attempts to get more subscribers on the Twitter blue, as the company continues to find ways to increase its cash flow and become profitable.

“On April 1st, we will begin winding down our legacy verified program and removing legacy verified check marks. To keep your blue checkmark on Twitter, individuals can sign up for Twitter Blue,” announced Twitter in a recent tweet.

Priced at $11 for Android and iOS devices and $8 for web, the Twitter blue verification gives users the ability to display a blue tick beside their profile alongside a list of other benefits, such as the ability to make tweets of up to 4000 characters.

Twitter has also announced some changes to the Twitter blue subscription by reducing the cooling-off period from 90 to 30 days. This means that users will only have to wait for 30 days before getting their Twitter blue subscription.

“New subscriptions to Twitter Blue are available globally on web, iOS, or Android. Not all features are available on all platforms. Newly created Twitter accounts will not be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for 30 days. We may also impose waiting periods for new accounts in the future at our discretion, and without notice” said Twitter.


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