Karachi Climathon tackles climate change challenges

Climate change has become an alarming problem for a developing country like Pakistan. Extreme temperatures and natural disasters are...

Sep 26 · >

Pakistani startups win big at UN’s Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Challenge

Two Pakistani innovators, Mohammad Saquib and Hassam Ud-din, have won the Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge in energy...

Apr 16 · >

The UN Ruling is out, Internet is now your basic human right

The Human Rights Council of the global intergovernmental organization, United Nations, has labeled “Internet Access” a basic human right...

Jul 5 · >

UN appoints Professor Atta-Ur-Rahman head of Scie­nce, Technology and Innovation committee

Renowned Pakistani scientist Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman has been appointed as the chairman of United Nations’ committee on Scie­nce, Technology and...

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Mar 8 · >