TCL Raises the Bar with its TCL 10 Smartphone Series

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TCL, the second-largest LED TV brand in the world dazzles with its newly launched TCL 10 series. Well-known in the electronic appliances department, TCL 10 series consists of TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L and TCL 10 5G, which are fully-equipped with stunning features.

With these unique features, the TCL 10 series is engineered to meet the different needs of the current smartphone market, so that consumers can have a much better mobile phone experience. The first edition of the TCL smartphone is expected to deliver a next-level experience with its camera, ground-breaking invention in display, and performance.

TCL series have less in common differing in dimensions, weight, display screen size, chipset, CPU, and GPU. Other than this, the memory capacity of all three smartphones differ. TCL 10 L has 64GB and 6GB RAM, TCL 105G has 128GB and 6GB RAM while TCL 10 Pro has the same. Although differing in features, still each phone stands out on its own.

The reviews which are given by Unbox Therapy,,, and reveal that the TCL 10 Pro is headed towards a promising smartphone experience. A testament of years of innovations in the electronics department, TCL 10 Pro is designed for those consumers who want a premium smartphone with excellent performance and sets a standard for the next generation smartphone experience.  For buyers in search of a supercharged device, TCL 10 Pro takes every specification – from the camera, to display, to performance – to a whole new level.

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TCL 10 Pro is made with the best screen yet, the world’s dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours. As it is an HDR10+ smartphone, the screen delivers vivid digital content giving a wider range of colour for realistic pictures. The display shows vibrant colours and an astonishing contrast ratio for brighter whites and deeper blacks.

The front side of the TCL 10 Pro is subjugated by the amazing 6.47-inch display with curved glass sides, which transition into a narrow metal side. The waterfall display provides zero bezels on the sides. Some other features include reading mode, adaptive tone, and eye comfort mode.

TCL 10 Pro’s main camera is 64MP, which will allow the user to take epic shots and videos. The 24MP front camera is situated in a teardrop arrangement in the centre and includes different filters along with portrait mode.  The AI engine automatically makes the camera to adjust for each shot.

The smartphone does not miss the fingerprint scanner option. With the Snapdragon 675 and high capacity, 4,500 mAh battery will make the smartphone last longer and comes with the fast-charging facility.

The curvy AMOLED display, dapper design, and the quad-lens camera are expected to make a good first impression. Small touches like a 3.4mm headphone jack, Google Assistant button, and a wholly flush camera unit mark TCL 10 Pro as something out of the box.

TCL 10 Pro is for those who are looking for premium fundamentals in a compact package on a flat-screen. The smartphone is manufactured for those who want everything and are looking for the fastest speeds available with powerful specifications. The smartphone is expected to set a new standard by offering consumers more choice.

As this is TCL’s first debut in the smartphone market, the consumers might be headed into unknown territory. Although it is a newcomer, the brand is expected to carve out a smartphone pioneer heading towards a promising start. The brand is planning to launch TCL 10 series soon in Pakistan.