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Tesla’s New Invention:Cybertruck Cat Tray That Your Pet Can Use To Poop And Sleep

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Tesla, a leading automotive company, always being innovative and high-tech features in its automobiles. Tesla always offers plenty of options for accessories or parts featuring the logo of its favorite brand. The company’s official e-shop (an online store) in China has unusual products. This time, Tesla surprised its customers by introducing a special box for cat litter similar to their cool Cybertruck car. The final model of the Cybertruck car took a while to make and was just finished. This time, Tesla made a tiny Version for cats.
The Tesla Cybertruck Cat litter box, made of cardboard for furry pets, is near the official release of the car’s accurate models. Tesla’s Cybertruck actual first model has already been unveiled and released at the company’s Giga Texas outlet. It was released four years after being revealed to the public and after a two-year delay.

Despite, being actually inspired by the angular’s shape of Tesla’s electric pick up, the company’s step into the pet care industry is rather low-tech. It has no cyber like thing in it, and no stainless steel alloy frame, it’s just a cardboard box.


People first think it was a joke, but no, Tesla’s $13 Cybertruck corrugated cat house is ready for sale on the Chinese version of the Tesla website. The cat box has a measurement of 56x41x25cm; it’s described as having a futuristic shape “embedded with thick corrugated paper to meet the nature and daily needs of cats.”

The 5-layer thick corrugated card box is moisture-proof and ideal for scratching. At the same time, the three-layer semi-open body is smooth enough for cute little puffy cats.

The Tesla Cybertruck for cats depicts the shape of the actual vehicle. Instead of sloping towards mountain peaks, the cardboard establishes an opening before rising into an edgy ascent. The litter box is designed to flap upward, enabling tilting, which is quite entertaining for cats if they get bored. The middle part is designed to look like a variety placed there for cats to lie on.

The bottom is thick corrugated paper stacked together and integrated into the box. If a cat needs a break and wants to rest, it can enjoy it in its own Tesla Cybertruck litter box.

Cybertruck Litter Box

The department responsible for Cybertruck Cat litter box creation says that the product is DIY. It is planned to be shipped to the furry cat owners a sa giant cardboard that they need to fold and fit themselves. Tesla China also states, “the Cybertruck is made of thickened and moisture-proof corrugated paper to ensure it can weather wetness and last a bit longer.”

Tesla China has attached a price tag of 89 Yuan (around 13 USD) for the new Cybertruck Cat litter box, which possesses a load capacity of up to 15 kilos. People are waiting to get the actual model to the market; if these geometrical creations hit the road-Tela, fans with cats might want to utilize the cardboard Cybertruck litter box.

Alas, Elon Musk founds it valuable and attractive for Tesla users. While there is confusion since the tagline states ‘cat house’ whereas the product description says, multi-functional cat nest.’ Therefore, many assume it’s a cat bed or tray, while some say it’s a litter box.

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