The blue dot in Google Maps now shows your direction accurately

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Google Maps’ recent update has made a few changes in how we see our location through the blue dot. Previously, the dot used to have an appended arrow to point our the direction but it was a bit confusing.

For the uninitiated, when you will fire up the new Google Maps application, a blue dot, usually centered, shows your location and direction too. Now there is an update, the location dot has a beam in front of it which shows the exact direction as yourself. If your direction is North, the beam will point to North. Similarly, if your direction is South, it will point South. Now, with this update, there is more to it. The beam will contract or expand as well to show your direction accurately.

To increase the accuracy of your location, you can calibrate the device by making an 8 in the air. You do not need to open any settings for calibration, just swing and you are done.

Here is an image for the demonstration.


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