The Two Popular Android Apps Are Sending Data To China

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Cybercrime is increasing rapidly, and it has targeted almost every field and every sector. Researchers have found that the most popular Android apps send data to China, including users’ contact lists from the device and all connected accounts.

Nearly 1.5 million Android users are at risk of Chinese Hackers as the two apps are available at Google Play Store.
Researchers have found two popular apps sending data to China, including all personal data credentials. It has been reported that two apps on Google Play were found with spyware. In addition, the cybersecurity firm states that it has alerted Google of the discovery.

Pradeo, a cyber security firm, recently discovered and revealed that the two most popular file management apps on Android, which include over a million downloads, are information stealers. These Malicious apps surreptitiously transfer data to unidentified sources located in China.


Pradeo also revelaed that the two apps hide their home screen icons, finding and deleting them is not an easy process.

Pradeo notified that the apps could take contact lists connected to email accounts, social networks, and those stored on the device. At the same time, users’ pictures, audio, and videos are also at risk. Not only this, but their location, mobile country code, and network provider name are also at risk.

The two leading file management apps are File Recovery and Data Recovery and File Manager, both created by the same developer. The former app had approximately a million downloads, whereas the other app had around 500,000. The firm noticed that over 10 lakh users got affected by spyware-laden apps.

As the name of the app shows, the app is specifically made to help users manage data and, in some cases, ‘retrieve deleted files from your phone, tablets, or any Android device.’ The researchers advised users to delete the apps if they are still using them.

However, it has been noticed that bad actors and developers have found a way to dodge the system to steal users’ data.
Hence, it is advisable to download the apps from reliable sources only. It is also advisable to be careful about the permissions you grant to apps. Our duty is to safeguard our personal information and not download unnecessary apps.

Always read reviews before making any downloads and delete unnecessary apps.

In conclusion, the two Android apps pose a serious risk to personal security. Though Google has removed the apps from the Google Store, if it is still on your phone, then uninstall them immediately. It is essential to be aware of the risks associated with inauthentic apps and to be very conscious while downloading any app next time.
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