The TechJuice Show (Lahore – 28th February)

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Till now you have attended a variety of tech events in Pakistan. Some have educated you, some have enhanced your learning and the very best of tech events have inspired you to take actions. We have attended these events and activities with you and reported them for you with active diligence. Now, TechJuice is all set to bring you one of the biggest and definitely the most unique tech series of events you have witnessed till now. Get ready for up-close and personal interviews with the top-notch people from the industry and find out more about their struggles and achievements. From grilling questions to general discussions on Pakistani tech, we are all set to bring you a completely fresh perspective on Tech. We are proposing a show where technology will encounter entertainment and lifestyle and we hope that with your help, we can pull off yet another great event.

What to Expect

We understand that it is very important to maintain a link between the successful entrepreneurs of the society and those who are only just starting out in order for the startup culture to grow. Meeting and interacting with successful entrepreneurs can be an excellent way to learn about a variety of topics which vary from advice to get your company off the ground to fund raising to development of business models. The TechJuice Show will serve as a valuable opportunity for people in tech to learn from the very best. Thus, at its very core The TechJuice Show aims to educate and enhance learning. However, we are also aware that such event can tend to, at times, drag a little. Because we firmly believe that tech isn’t boring, TechJuice show will endeavor not only to make you familiar with the personal struggles, valuable life lessons, learning and success stories of our esteemed participants, we will also try to keep the mood light, interactive and fun.

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TechJuice show will feature fireside chats and discussions which will bring many important topics and issues to light. A variety of people from young and budding entrepreneurs from the industry to those who have tons of experience will be participating in the show where they will discuss personal struggles and anecdotes from their business lives. And that is just the beginning! We have many surprises in store for you which we promise you, will make each TechJuice Show unique, full of learning, fun and memorable.

No more boring speeches! Fireside chats coupled with some great surprises and ambiance! The TechJuice Show offers a unique opportunity to meet esteemed panelists, entrepreneurs and members of tech society in a semi-formal, interactive environment. Don’t miss out!

Our Guests

Nauman Sikandar - EatOye

Nauman Sikandar Mirza – Founder of EatOye!
Currently heading one of the fastest growing startups in the industry, Nauman, the founder of EatOye is an entrepreneur whose achievements precede him. If you want to talk about taking an idea and executing it to perfection or maintaining success, there are few people more able than Nauman.

Ghaus Iftikhar

Ghaus Iftikhar Nakodari – Founder of Addictive Tips, Jumpshare
Ghaus is the perfect example of a serial entrepreneur. PhotoSharing App, Addictive Tips, Jumpshare…in short you name it, and he has done it. Ghaus is in true terms a power house of experience. His vast experience as well as the sheer variety of startups he has founded is amazing and we hope to learn a lot from him.

Daniyal Shahid

Daniyal Shahid – Founder of Kia Scene
Who better to coach you than someone who has traversed the hard routes and is intimately familiar with the struggle that goes into producing a startup while studying in high school. Meet Daniyal of KiaSceneHai, a young boy who’s making a valiant attempt to backup his dream so that he can see it transform into a successful business.