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The World’s First Physical NFT Shop Opens Up in Dubai

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Dubai Physical NFT store
Located inside the Mall of Dubai, the NFT store displays and sells a diverse collection of art pieces

If you are a Dubai resident that still hasn’t got their hands on NFT’s, you can now head over to the Mall of Dubai and physically purchase NFTs inside a store. Yes! You read that right, just last week Mall of Dubai inaugurated a NFT shop that allows customers to view and purchase NFTs in person.

Named as ‘ftNFT’ or simply ‘ft’, this store is furnished and designed to look like any modern day clothing brand outlet and has art pieces on all of its walls. The store even gives customers a comfortable seating and mini-computers/tablets so that they can look through NFT collections and create digital avatars.

The ‘ft store’ is founded by a company named SoftConstruct, which is a technology company that providesIT solutions for different industries and owns over 8 brands. The company also has over 300 partners and operates over 16 offices located worldwide.

Ft store, which is a one of a kind marketplace, operates under the Fastex ecosystem, this ecosystem contains many Fastex products such as the Fastex Exchange, FastexVerse, Fastex Pay, Fastex Chain, FastToken, and FirstTicket.

The launch of the world’s first physical NFT store is surely revolutionary for both artists and crypto enthusiasts. Over the next few years, we can see the store turning into a great success while also becoming a popular spot for cryptocurrency and blockchain fans around the world.

Launched on 22 December, the store organized something special for people that visited it on the first day. Each person entering the store on 22nd December was given a future access to an event which will invite NFT artists and vendors from all over the world and allow them to talk about their work and inspirations.

Amrita Sethi, UAE’s first NFT artist also visited the NFT store on the day it launched. Happy with the positive response, Softconstruct aims to build a second physical NFT store inside the Dubai Mall.


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