These are the 10 world’s most sold phones so far

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Here’s the list of all the phones that really stole the hearts of people all over the world as soon as they arrived in the market and hence they became the best sellers. But obviously, that in no way suggests that you should buy them now as technology has gone far ahead in the game. But looking at the list will definitely take you down the memory lane and you would really feel that you can do anything to get hold of the phone once more because they will bring out your best memories:

10. Moto Razr V3 – 130 million+ units sold

If you possessed this phone back in 2004, you were really the coolest one. The phone has eye-catching design that could set you apart from the crowd if you were seen using it. This is the highest flip phone ever. Sure, it had an only 2-megapixel camera but it was still perfect in every sense at that time.

9. Nokia 2600 – 135 million+ units sold

The phone was very popular in 2005 but the phone didn’t offer much and that was actually served to its advantage. Probably the best features of the phone were a Bluetooth connectivity and a 1.5-inch display. It had a rock solid body and not having a camera did not seem to bother people much. The phone was popular because it could literally not break no matter how many times u accidentally throw it and the battery lasted too long. Affordability made it the best option for students back in those days.

8. Samsung E1100 – 150 million+ units sold

This phone was also known for its sturdy body and awesome battery life. The phone was quite popular when it came in 2009 almost a decade back. It featured 1MB of storage which was quite a lot back in those days. The built-in flashlight was actually quite amusing to the users. But the best part was a battery life of 13 days on standby.

7. Nokia 5230 – 150 million+ units sold

The phone started gaining popularity in 2010. The phone had 3G internet support and featured a 3.2 inch screen.
Even though this phone did not offer Wi-Fi connectivity, it had 2 MP of camera. You could even use that phone for browsing the internet. Bluetooth connectivity allowed people to share audio and video songs with each other. The phone also offered support for microSD memory cards.

6. Nokia 6600 – 150 million+ units sold

This Nokia phone came back in 2003 and quickly gained popularity among the masses. Back in those days, it was a very impressive phone and was considered a high-end phone as it cost a bit too much. The design was quite novel and that was a major reason people fell for it. the phone offered a 2.1-inch display and a camera.

5. Nokia 1200 – 150 million+ units sold

Like other Nokia phones, this phone was also loved for its amazing battery life. It offered a seven-hour talk time and on standby mode, the battery lasted for 390 days. A phone having a flashlight was not just an ordinary thing back in those days. You needed to press scroll up key for some time and the flashlight would turn on.
The phone offered great value for money.

4. Nokia 3210 – 150 million+ units sold

The phone is really very old. It came in 1999 some 19 years earlier. Phones in those days were used to make phone calls and send texts. Those days when you had to press the button two or three times while writing a text.
The handset had a sturdy body and came in many colors. Also, the phone had that popular snake game we all loved to play.

3. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 220 million+ units sold


The phone was one of the most popular phones in 2015. These phones cannot be compared to the latest iPhone X when it comes to specs but surely these phones offered a lot of new features such as their displays were upgraded from their predecessor iPhone 5s that had 4-inch display. They featured 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays.

2. Nokia 1110 – 220 million+ units sold

The phone definitely offered the basic functions and did not even have a camera. But back in those days, people were only interested in calling and texting. The design was simple and the phone was quite affordable and that’s why it was popular among college students. You could also play the famous Snake game when you needed some fun and back in 2005, this was really a fun thing to do.

1. Nokia 1100 -220 million+ units sold

This model was the best selling smartphone of all time. the phone came in 2003 and featured a simple design along with a small monochrome display and a flashlight as well. What made the phone everyone’s favorite was impressive battery life and a sturdy body along with affordability. The phone was easily available all over the world as Nokia had a strong and wide-ranging distribution network.

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