These farmers earn more from YouTube than through farming

By Muneeb Ahmad on
July 22, 2019
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Some of the US-based farmers are earning more from their farming channels on social media than they do through farming.

As technology becomes more mainstream, different tech-savvy individuals have started using this tool in different ways to generate multiple sources of income for themselves. The most recent example being quoted in this regard is of farmers. Some of the US-based farmers are using this platform and its associated tools so well that their generated income through this stream dwarfs the revenue they generate through actual farming.

The recent report brought to us by Bloomberg quotes the story of a US farmer family named Zack Johnson and her wife, Becky. The report mentions that although primarily Zack is a professional farmer, the family also does video blogging on YouTube. The YouTube channel, started by the family just over three years ago, now brings much more revenue than through farming.

The YouTube channel named MN Millennial Farmer is run by Zack and his wife. The channel which boasts about 300,000 subscribers is generating five times more revenue than the value they could generate through their farm. The channel has the potential to further expand this revenue base as the number of connected audience increases.

Apart from the MN Millennial Farmer, several other similar YouTube video bloggers are also documenting their farming practices for the online community. The video bloggers are also using this medium to generate additional revenue streams like by selling merchandise and featuring endorsements on their videos. The list of farmer video bloggers include Lumnah Acres and WT Farm Girl.

The wave of technology and social media has transformed almost everything from how people spend their leisure time to how businesses do their operations. Businesses are using these new mediums to more effectively target their audience for advertisements and access their preferential data. This data is then used to show personalized advertisements to target consumer section.

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