This app will help you locate Qibla

Written by Ali Leghari ·  58 sec read >

Ever stuck in a kind of situation where you are traveling from one place to another and suddenly it’s Namaz time and you cannot locate the Qibla. But not to worry now as tech giant Google has introduced new Qibla finder app which will now let you know where the direction of Qibla is.

With this new app, the tech giant Google has made lives of Muslims across the globe a whole lot easier. The app is launched in the Holy month of Ramadan and is available for both iOS and Android users.

The service works with the phone having the feature of the compass.

The app works differently for Android OS. Android users will have to give the app access to their location and as well as access to mobile’s camera to let the app work properly. After the access permission is received, the camera of the mobile will on and draws a line in the direction of the Qibla.

iOS users will not be able to use the camera-only feature.

According to the tech behemoth Google, the app works this way, “We use the location of Kaaba (Lat 21.4224779 Long 39.8251832) and your current location (provided by GPS or manually) to determine the most direct route between two points on the globe, also known as the great-circle distance”.

Recently, Google Maps was also called in by authorities of Pak-Afghan to resolve the border dispute between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Officials from the geological survey departments of the two countries will conduct a survey, and they will also make use of Google Maps,” said a senior Pakistani security.

You can find Qibla finder app here.