This is how you can apply for an Instagram verified badge

By TechJuice on
August 29, 2018
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Instagram has opened the process of verification of user profiles. If you are a person or a brand with notable public importance then you should definitely apply to get a blue badge.

The verification badges, usually tick marks, are not a new phenomenon on the web. They have existed on almost all social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc for a long time. These verification badges help in adding credibility and authenticity to the public profiles. In the age of social media, it is easy for anyone to come up with fake accounts of public figures. These accounts confused as the original ones gain quick followership and are used to forward a personal agenda.

In order to get rid of these fake profiles and to add credibility to the social networks, these platforms have introduced the concept of verification badges for public people and brands. It is likely that you have come across profiles of celebrities with a blue tick mark. It represents that this is an authentic profile and represents that public figure.

Take note that there will be a lot of scammers out there who will ask for money to get your profile verified. Rest assured Instagram or any social network doesn’t require money to give you a verification badge.

How to apply?

The process is comparatively simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile
  2. Open Settings; there you will see a button to request verification
  3. Enter your
    1. Username
    2. Full Name
    3. Attach a photo ID and Submit

Instagram specifically mentions that a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity can apply for the verification badge. So if you are one, go ahead and apply!

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