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This new WhatsApp feature will save you from a major embarrassment

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

Have you faced the embarrassment of sending a picture to a wrong contact on WhatsApp?

Well, those days are now over. The Facebook-owned messaging giant has introduced a new feature in its platform that will reduce the confusion of users while sending a photo to someone and save them from facing a major embarrassment in the future.

Now while sending a picture WhatsApp will show the name of the recipient on your screen so that you don’t get confused. This feature is available for both private or group chats, allowing users to have a final look at the person or the contact’s name they are sending a photo to.

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Many of you will say that the app already shows the picture of the recipient in the top left corner while sending media to a contact, but the problem arises when the contact you want to send a picture to has not assigned any profile photo or placed a random photo as a display picture on WhatsApp. With the addition of the name, it will remove any suspicion regarding this matter.

At the moment this feature is available in the beta version of the app, but it is expected to come in the stable version of the app soon.

Two other new features which the messaging app introduced earlier this year in the beta version named consecutive voice messages and forwarding information have been rolled out in the main app as well. Through consecutive voice message feature, users won’t have to play every voice message they receive separately, as the app will play those voice notes continuously. The second feature which is forwarding information gives users an insight about how many times a particular message has been forwarded, with this number you can determine if the message sent is fake or not.

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