This Woman grabbed $10,000 From Microsoft just for an Unwanted Upgrade

By Muneeb Ahmad on
June 27, 2016
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A woman from California just won a $10,000 bounty from Microsoft following a case in which Microsoft retreated with its appeal. The woman had filed a case against Microsoft alleging that her computer became slow and unreliable after automatically upgrading to Windows 10.

Teri Goldstein went on with her opinion and said, “Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update”.

It is going to be a year now, since Windows 10 was released. It was robust and pleasant; above all, it was available for free. But the users were heard complaining that the operating system automatically updated itself from older versions without permission, leading to corrupted files and slower processing speeds.

Teri was also one such annoyed customer who went on to file a case n court against Microsoft. After she won the case last month, Microsoft sought an appeal but later on backed down with it. The tech giant claimed that the decision to back down was taken only to avoid further litigation costs.

Not to mention that there are solid reasons on why you should upgrade to Windows 10. So, if somehow your PC has managed to escape the auto-download, you can learn on manually upgrade, here. I would also recommend you to respite because the free Windows 10 deal is bound end this July 29th.

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