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TikTok hired Disney’s streaming Chief Mayer as CEO

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

The streaming executive of Disney Kevin Meyer is all set to join the TikTok as CEO. TikTok is a very popular video app owned by Bytedance tech. The statement by Disney was announced today. Kevin is also going to be the COO of TikTok.
Bob Chapek the CEO of Disney said: “Kevin had an extraordinary impact on our company over the years, most recently as head of our direct-to-consumer business.

Kevin Meyer’s biggest achievement while working with Disney was conducting the development of Disney plus, a streaming service by the company that was launched in the mid of November. The service proved to be a hit and instantly reached about 50 million subscribers.

At TikTok, Meyer is going to be responsible for driving the global development along with assisting the corporate functions. The appointment will be effective by 1st June and Kevin will start working as Chief Operation Officer of ByteDance. TikTok is moving forward with its music streaming business as recently the company has joined hands with UK-based music rights agency Merlin.

Over time TikTok had been accused of exposing the handling of the personal data of users to its owner company ByteDance. Many resources claimed that TikTok uses fine Artificial Intelligence for making video recommendations to users that are based on the preference of users.

In November last year, the government of the USA launched a national security review upon ByteDance acquisition of former social media platform formally known as TikTok. Two of the senators submitted a bill for banning the federal officers for using TikTok o the smartphones that are issued by the Government.

To appease the concerns of people, Byte Dance has put in a lot of effort to keep TikTok separate from their business and hired many executives for TikTok over the months. Erich Anderson the former intellectual property chief at Microsoft was hired as global general counsel in January by TikTok. Similarly last year TikTok also hired a veteran YouTube executive Vanessa Peppas for running its US-based operations

The spokesperson of TikTok said: “Company had no reservations for Meyer’s operational experience. Any company would be delighted to have him on board.”

Disney, on the other hand, gave the former position of Kevin Meyer to a company’s veteran Rebecca Campbell. She will be running as Head of the International Division and Direct-to-Consumer. For now, her primary focus is on the growth of streaming media.